How to Repel Black Ants

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Repelling black ants involves blocking their path with obstacles or by spreading strong-smelling spices around a perimeter, such as black pepper, garlic powder, curry powder or chili powder. Get black ants to change their path away from a house with... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment I'm going to talk about how to repel black ants. Now, ants are everywhere, and I have a theory that all bugs have a purpose, so I try not to use any chemicals at all in my house or in my garden if I have a choice. There's always organic options that work a lot better. So, if you've got black ants in your house you've got to figure out where they're coming from, because whatever you spray on them or whatever chemical you're using it's not going to work over the long run if they have a hole to get into the house. So, they always run in a pattern, so they always follow the leader. So, the ants go marching in at one point of the house so you follow that point and use anything to block it; whether it's Elmer's glue, or putting some more wood around the edge of your frame of your doorways so that the door closes straight to the door. Anything that you can do to stop those ants from coming in the house works really well. A lot of people swear by spices. So, ants don't like a lot of heavy spices. So, this is a garlic and pepper mix, and so if you've got ants on your patio or ants on your deck just spray it down or just mix it with water, or I just sprinkle it over the area and ants will not cover salt, pepper, curry powder, or garlic, and you'll find if you look in your cupboard so many different options. Cinnamon; a lot of times ants won't cross the cinnamon line, and I'll sprinkle it right onto the bugs and a lot of times they won't come near the house. Curry works really well, and a lot of times any type of a paprika, too or curry. And you can even make a spray too with using lemon or lime, and you just soak it in some water and put it in a spray bottle, and if you see ants you just spray em' down with the the citrus, and a lot of times it'll kill em' or at least repel em' from that area. And also, an easy trick too is just make a spray with some oil and water and spray down the ants, and that way they'll suffocate cause' they can't breathe in the oil. Then you'll get rid of em' from that area. You've got to stop the ants from coming in where they're at, and just stop the entryway and you'll stop the ants.