How to Clean a Ceiling & Light Fixtures

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Cleaning your ceiling and light fixtures can keep the dust out of your lungs, get expert house cleaning and housekeeping tips in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi my name is Paige and on behalf of Expert today we are going to talk about basic cleaning tips. The first thing I like to do when having a big day of cleaning is to decide and kind of map out my plan of what I want to get accomplished for the day. In general the best place to start is up high that way if you are cleaning starting with the ceilings and cleaning the ceiling then the particles that fall drop down and as you go you are not having to go back after yourself and clean up from having cleaned something higher than lower. So basically I like to start with ceilings, go to windows, dusting and then end with floors. Of course the first thing you want to do is pick up anything that is not supposed to be around. Once that is accomplished, you can begin cleaning your ceilings. What I like to do is pretty simple. I just take first of all a broom and I want to clean my broom out. Get all that dust out of there which we will be going back and vacuuming so it really won’t matter. This way you are not getting any particles on your ceiling, only taking them off and what I like to do is start in the corners and begin to just do a general sweep of every surface. Ceiling first, no matter if I see anything or not because dust likes to hide and blend. Here we have some curtains so I will even get my curtains going and knock the dust off of them. A broom is a great way to get spider webs. They also make actual spider web brooms that you can use as well but this is a cheap affordable way to clean your ceilings and everybody has it. So all you do is a really good sweep of all of your ceilings. Don’t forget your light fixtures as well.