How to Prepare Growing Medium for Mushrooms

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Prepare a growing medium for mushrooms by recreating their natural habitat with dead tree bark and lots of moisture. Use natural manure to fertilize mushrooms with tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to talk about how to prepare growing medium for mushrooms. Now mushrooms grow naturally, very easily in the woods. They grow right on to old, dead wood. So any trees that's been fallen or any bark that's fallen, or leafs, or any kind of organic material they like dead wood. And they'll grow very naturally right onto that. So the easiest medium for growing mushrooms is right on to a piece of a dead tree, or a piece of bark. But they really need a lot of moisture too. They won't want to sit in a bog of water, but they don't want to dry out in any way. So mushrooms are really difficult to grow inside the house, but if you have a cellar or a garage, or somewhere it stays nice and moist, you can be very successful. So this, these are just little pieces of wood chips. So there's needles and pine and wood and all different types of bark with some soil all mixed together. And that is the best medium to grow mushrooms, and they won't grow inside very well, they'll dry right out. But you can put plastic over the top or a glass top, any where where it's going to retain moisture, and you'll find they'll do much better. And the best place to grow them, as we just said, was either outside, or the garage, or the ideal place is like in a cellar, where they're going to get a lot of moisture. But they still need some light, so you've got to get some artificial light on them if there's not enough light in that area, or just leave them outside under a tree, as close to their natural conditions as possible. Because mushrooms will grow anywhere that any type of dirt or they like cow manure, or deer manure, or anything that's natural and biodegradable that's growing right into any kind of wooden, broken down wood, or dead wood, or old stumps. So as long as you can recreate their natural conditions, you will find that your growing medium will work very well.