Handy Wipes to Remove Minerals & Deposits from Bathrooms

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Learn how to remove minerals and deposits from the bathroom with tips such as what chemicals to use in this free online video lesson. View Video Transcript

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Hi I am Mark Williams and on behalf of Expert Village and the producer of this series you can visit our website at www.williamspictures.net. These two are kind of like what we call a handy wipe. They wipe off some of the less stuck on deposits: soap scum, toothpaste, and stuff like that. When ever using chemicals always use gloves. These are more chemically resistant glove. I recommend probably using these over the thin ones because some of the mineral deposits tend to have sharp edges and if you cut yourself on a sharp edge and get a chemical in there it is going to hurt. So you can use those they are for household chemicals but being a plumber's son I would recommend using the higher heavier or chemically resistant gloves.