What to Plant in a Hoop House

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Hoop houses are good for growing certain plants but not necessarily growing plants to maturity from seedlings. Farm and care for plants correctly and safely with tips from an experienced farmer in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Here's another transplant that we're going to do in the early spring hoophouse. Again, you might think that these lettuces deserve to go outside, being April and all, but we hedge our bets by planting both in and outside, and sometimes if we get a cold, long wet spring, having little lettuce seedlings like this, developing in the hoophouse, is not a bad idea. It gives them an extra couple of weeks, and I'm just going to go ahead, and tuck them in very tight, knowing that these plants are not going to grow to maturity, here. This is a nursery bed. This is their temporary home, to give them a bump forward, in their life cycle,and you can see that we've mixed and blended the most exotic and colorful lettuces, in the rainbow. Between you and me, I've lost track of most of their names. They have beautiful French names, and foreign names, and different heritage, just like the rest of us, but it doesn't take remembering their names, in order to enjoy these beauties in a salad, and under these ultra fertile conditions, they're going to grow within a few days. You're going to see doubling in size, on a daily basis, and again, you can see I don't take a lot of ceremony. I'm yanking them right out, and popping them right in. My wife would want me to be a little more careful, but you know, even if you mess with them a little, they're going to live. They just want to grow, and then again, our little mulching motif, to give them a little ground coverage, and we'll be back with the water wand before long, to tuck them right in.