Cleaning Hardwood Floors With a Vacuum

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Cleaning hardwood floors with a vacuum is only possible using the bare floors setting on the vacuum cleaner, as the bristles could further damage the floors. Vacuum hardwood floors, using a hose attachment to get into the corners, with cleaning tips from... View Video Transcript

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You just got those beautiful wood floors, and you're not really sure how you should clean them. I'm Cyn Deer and I'm with 3's Company Too, and I'm going to show you a couple ways with your vacuum. First thing you want to do is make sure you know your vacuum. This one luckily has the bare floor adjustable setting so that you can make sure that your - you set your vacuum to that. Because if you were to use the carpet setting you would dig deeper trying to get into the knack and your brushes would dig into the wood and scratch your wood up. You want to make sure that when you're vacuuming to get the crevices along the side wall, you're going to use your hose, and you're going to make sure that you have no debris left because that helps to scratch the wood floor and you want to keep your wood floors looking nice as long as possible. So you would vacuum, just like you would vacuum your carpet, and then you do your corners just as if you were doing the carpet. But just make sure you use the bare floor adjustment. So get to know your vacuum. I'm Cyn Deer, and this was how to clean your wood floors with your vacuum. Have a great day.