Sanding an Adirondack Side Table

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Sand all the edges an adirondack side table after the edges have been routered. Sand the edgees of an adirondack side table using the adirondack furniture construction tips in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Jon Olson

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Hi, this is Jon, and in this clip we will be sanding our project. On our project, we want to make sure that when we sand, we're sanding all of the edges. Sometimes when you router an edge there might be a little bit that didn't get fully routered, so by sanding that, we're just going to make sure that it is all even and smooth. Additionally you want to make sure that you sand all the faces of your project. If you're not painting your project, you want to make sure to sand off any pencil lines. You also want to sand any sharp corners. And also, if you have any areas that have burn marks from either the router or from a saw blade, you'll want to make sure to sand those off also. Once you've completely sanded your project and it is totally smooth, we are ready for the finishing process.