How to Clean the Ceiling with a Vacuum Cleaner

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Hi. This is Travis on behalf of Expert Village talking to you today about vacuuming. Now that we have turned our upright machine into a canister, I just want to show you a couple of things you can do for reaching ceilings and cobwebs with all of the different attachments that I have here that you might have at home or give you some ideas- some things that you may not have thought about. Again, depending on your equipment and what you have is going to vary greatly on what you can get done. If you don't have the right tools to do something, then it's going to make the job a lot harder. What we have here is we've got a couple of wands...we've got two wands and these particular wands, when you put them together...these actually push and twist and that locks these wands together. Depending on your type of machine and the types of attachments that you have, you might not have these screws or you might. That's what they are there for is to push and twist and it actually will kind of lock it in there. Sometimes you might have a problem when you are vacuuming up in a higher spot where you didn't put them together tight enough. Where if you didn't do it properly, they might fall off on you. I've seen that happen where people are vacuuming and something falls off and smacks them in the head. So you don't want that to happen. A lot of vacuums or attachments will come with an angle handle like this. What these are good for is usually they will have an adjustment on them right here and this is going to let either more air in (which is going to lessen the suction power) or it's going to keep more air out (which is going to strengthen the suction power). Depending on what you are using it for...whether you are using a hairbrush for dusting, you may not want as much suction. Maybe it is a table cloth and when you make contact with the table cloth, it will pull that table cloth off, so you'll want to open up your angle handle and that will allow more air in and less suction through here while still allowing you to clean it. So, I've got the angle handle. What you can do for vacuuming ceilings, this, I like to put down towards the bottom and then take my attachment here. This particular brush is about eight inches wide. What this is good for is hitting the ceilings. What you can do (if you can see how I've got that set up, like this), you can actually see that that is going to allow us to reach the ceilings. That's about a three-and-a-half foot, four foot stretch between that. So, we hook that up to our hose and when we stand up, (depending on whether we've got an eight foot ceiling, seven-foot, nine-foot, ten-foot) you are going to be able to reach up there and get those cobwebs that are up on top. You can even turn it this direction and come down and clean the walls that way as well.