Tools for Building a Table

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First of all I want to go through some of the tools that we’ll be using to make our table. First you’ll need a tape measure, okay, pencil that goes with the tape measure. You want a screw gun, this can be found at any hardware store, this is kind of a high-end professional type but there are also cheaper ones that you can buy. A screw gun makes it a lot easier and quicker to uh, do the things we need to do. Along with screw gun, we’re going to need a Phillip’s head bit, okay and a drill bit. Also we’ll need some sort of ratchet, a counter sink which is for the screw gun as well, a square, this is a combination, I can adjust the length, this is how it goes, okay, we’ll also need a sander and normally some sand paper, where you use two different grits, okay, that’s to finish up the project. After we have all these tools in place we’re ready to begin.