Painting an Adirondack Side Table

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Using a paint sprayer is the easiest way to paint an adirondack side table. Paint an adirondack side table using the adirondack furniture construction tips in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Jon Olson

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Hi this is Jon and in this clip we will be finishing our project. Now for our chair we did decide to paint our project and what we did first was put down a coat of primer and then a couple coats of paint. The primer really helps the paint adhere to your project. Now you can finish your project any way you want to. You can prime it and paint it like we did with our chairs or you could even stain it and put a coat of clear finish or you could just leave it how it is and put a coat of clear finish. Now when you finish your project there is a couple different ways to go. You can roll on paint on your project or you can use a paint brush to apply that paint. It might be easiest to use some type of a paint sprayer and this is going to allow you to get a nice even coat and you'll be able to do it a little bit quicker and you'll be able to get into all those crevices a little bit easier. When we have completed all of our painting, when we have completed all of our priming and painting, our side table is going to go great with our chair.