How to Remove Burn Marks on Rugs

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Remove burn marks on rugs by rubbing the carpet with steel wool or shaving the stain with a razor blade. For large or deep burn marks, replace the stained section of the rug with tips from the owner of a cleaning service in this free video on stain... View Video Transcript

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It's the morning after a great party, and you find that there's a problem. Somebody left a burn mark on your carpeting. So what are you going to do? I'm Cyn Deer. I'm from 3's Company Too, and I'm going to show you how to make the burn mark go away. So, one of the first things you want to try is, you'll take a piece of steel wool, or a nice scrubbie like this, and just scrub at the area. And if you're really lucky, it'll come out nice and easy, just like this one did. If you have a problem, you might want to just kind of like, shave away at the top. You can use a razor, a know, like your...if you were going to shave your legs, shave it off a little bit. If you have a deeper nap, you can use a pair of scissors and just cut it away. And, you rub. Sometimes you might need to use your vacuum to pull up the hair, to pull the nap up, and just cut it away. You can, like I said, use your scissors or the steel wool. And rubbing it generally will get it up if you're lucky. If you have to replace it, that's another story. You would have to cut out the piece, and, you know, go to your local rug place, get a piece to replace it, and, that's a bigger story. Hopefully it's a nice, light one for you and you can get rid of it easily with just your little bit of scrubbing, and, I'm Cyn Deer, and this was how to remove a piece of burn mark off your carpeting. Have a great day.