Routing the Top of an Adirondack Side Table

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Use a router to smooth the edges of the top of an adirondack side table. Learn to use a router to route the top of an adirondack side table from the adirondack furniture construction demonstration in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Jon Olson

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Hi. This is Jon. And in this clip, we'll be routing our top pieces. My top consists of five slat pieces and two cleats. Now on the bottom, we routed all of the edges to make them nice and smooth, except for the very bottom pieces so that it sits flat. For our top, we're going to, again, router all of the pieces, except for the top of our cleats where our top slats are going to sit on those cleats, so that they'll sit on there nice and flat. I went ahead and moved on over to my router where I have that small round-over bit installed. On my cleat, I'm going to router all of the sides, except for the top where my top slats are going to sit on. If I take a look at the end of that, one side is rounded and again, that one side is flat, that those top slats are going to fit on. Now for my top slats, I'm going to be routering every edge.