Layout Feet for an Adirondack Side Table

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When laying out the feet for an adirondack side table, start with the bottom measurements. Layout the feet for an adirondack side table with the adirondack furniture construction tips in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Jon and in this clip we will be laying out the feet. Now if we take a look at our foot pattern that was included with the plans we see that it has all of the measurements for our foot and it also has this letter J. Now that letter J corresponds with our materials list. So when I was calculating my materials I knew that I needed two of them and I knew that each of those boards would be 1 x 5-1/4 x 16 and I am actually again using pine instead of cedar. Now I calculated all of those materials and that is how I came up with those three boards once again. Now based on these measurements if I have a section of board this is this size my foot pattern will be able to fit inside of that board. Now in laying this out we are going to start with our bottom measurements so I know that it is 16 inches across once I determine that 16 inch mark I'm going to come in 2 - 3/4 on each side and then come up 1 inch in the center and I'm just going to connect those dots. 16 inches long, I'm going to measure 2 - 3/4 of an inch on both sides and then I'm also going to mark my center point and come up 1 inch. So I have the end of my board is going to come over straight, curve up, curve down and go to the end. Next I am going to come up 2 - 1/2 inches on both sides and then I'm also going to draw my top measurement of 5 inches going across the top center. 2 - 1/2 inches on either side and I'm also going to mark my center and I'm going to come over 2 - 1/2 inches and 2 - 1/2 inches which gives me a total of 5 inches. After that I am going to make sure that my top 5 inch line is 5 - 1/4 inches up and that I'm going to start tracing in my other curves. So now I have my top two points right here and I have my side points and I need a curve going between those two points. Now if I draw a straight line between those two points, I'm going to need to come down 3/8 of an inch. So now I have my foot fully laid out and these parts with X's are going to be scrap that I am going to cut away from my foot piece.