Preventing Mineral Stains & Deposits

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Hi I am Mark Williams and on behalf of Expert Village and the producer of this series. You can visit our website at Okay now you got the basics down to cleaning off the chrome and some of the ceramic surfaces in your bathroom. The way to prevent ever having go through and buy all this chemicals again is to properly maintain and prevent it. A way of preventing it is every time that you get the handles or get the surface around the sink wet with even with just plain water you are going to want to wipe it off with a Kleenex or a paper towel or something. Because what that does it prevents the water from evaporating on the surface, leaving behind any of the minerals or any of the impurities left in the water and what happens is that those impurities sit there and collect over time and they are eventually going to build up. Same goes for soap scum. Soap scum is a impurity in the plan water that when the water evaporates it leaves behind the soap and that is one like I said before that is one of the hardest to get off. In the bathtub the same holds true for wiping down the surfaces. The more you wipe it down right after every single use the less work you are going to have in the future of scrubbing and scraping the mineral deposits and soap scum. So those are some tips and points to keeping your bathroom clean, to keeping your bathroom maintained, and also making sure that it is not going to cost you more money in the future, and more frustration by going out and buying unnecessary chemicals for today's fixtures.