Moving Furniture for Carpet Cleaning

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DAVID GREEN: Hi. My name is David Green with As we've talked about before with the--as you meet with the customer and figure out what they're in need of, one of the things is to know what furniture they want cleaned underneath, or if they want you just to clean around the furniture. The best way to--I mean, with small items, you can move into a hard surface, like over here. We can move it on to the hardwood floor, or if it was a kitchen you can move it into their nook area or tiled surface area. But with this furniture, we'll put them on slight--you know, with the furniture that you can't put anywhere, that you need to juggle around, we'll lift it up. This is what's referred to as a lift buddy, the tool he has on his hand, and then these are sliding discs. They have two sizes: small and then a much larger sliding disc, and once it's placed underneath the legs of the furniture, it can be very easily and quickly moved around the room. So you can pre-treat this part of the room, clean it, slide this over into the cleaned area, clean behind, and then slide it back. What's important is once this is done, whenever you put furniture on clean carpet--wet carpet, I should say--it's important that you put, like we've talked about in the van earlier before, those plastic tabs. Or in this case, because of the size of these legs--we didn't show you but we have foam blocks that actually elevate the couch off the floor to make sure that no wood or metal comes in contact with the carpet; otherwise, you would get a rust or stain transfer from the leg. This one you want to leave under the furniture until the carpet is dry. You have to excuse the background noise; we got the vacuums running back there, but once this has been done, he can show you that he can easily slide this. What's important about this, too, even if you think you can slide furniture without these, that resistance that is on the carpet can actually create damage to the fibers. You can actually get a friction burn on the carpet and cause a streak in there as well as create too much strain on the furniture. For example, some furniture might have more delicate legs and you push on it and it would crack the leg or potentially even crack the frame of the couch. So it's very important that you take the right caution to make your job easier as well as to protect the carpet and to protect the furniture.