Routing the Base for an Adirondack Side Table

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Use a router to round edges of an adirondack side table. Learn to use a router to route the base for adirondack side table in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Jon Olson

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Hi, this is Jon, and in this clip we will be routing our base components. Once my stretchers are built, I always like to just lay out my project just to make sure everything looks correct, and if I do see a problem, now is the time to fix it before I start assembling my base. So far everything seems to look pretty similar to my original plan. Now one thing unique about this particular style of chair and our side table is that every edge is just rounded over just a small amount, which leaves a real nice looking project and it also reduces any splinters or chipping off of your project. Now I'm going to continue that same technique on my side table project, however I'm not going to round over the bottom of my feet pieces. I will round over that curve, but not where it actually touches the ground, and this is so that I can have a good, sturdy surface touching the ground. I've set up my router table with just a small round over bit, and I'm also actually going to remove the fence. Next I'm just going to come in with each piece and router each of the edges.