Creating the Cleat for an Adirondack Side Table

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The cleat piece of an adirondack side table is screwed to the top slats of the table. Create the cleat for an adirondack side table using the adirondack furniture construction tips in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Jon Olson

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Hi, this is Jon and in this clip, we'll be creating the cleat. Our cleat piece is going to be running underneath our top slats and that's what we're going to be screwing those top slats to. Here's another view of that cleat, the cleat itself is attached to our base with three screws and our top slats are then spaced on top of that cleat. Now, you'll notice that this is piece K and if we take a look at our material list, piece K, we're going to need two of those, one for each side, and those are going to be one and a half inches wide by nineteen and a quarter inches long. Now, the last cut that I made was to cut those top slats, and I did cut off a section that went into the trash essentially. Now, these larger pieces were twenty four inches long and if I measure that, their just a little bit over one and a half inches wide. Now, my cleat pieces need to be one and a half inches wide, by nineteen and a half long, so I'm going to reuse a couple of these pieces to make my cleats. I went ahead and marked my boards at nineteen and a quarter, and I actually lined up both of my boards so that I only need to make one cut, to cut both of them. After that I need to set the table saw to one and a half inches. And, I'm going to run my boards through to trim them down to exactly one and a half inches. Now, I have my cleats made, and I can cross those off my materials list, and I saved a little bit of lumber by reusing some of my scrap.