Hardware for Building a Table

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I'm going to show you the selection of hardware that we'll use when we're assembling the table. To attach the apron to the top I always like to simplify it by using just a small angle iron, it's got holes. To attach the legs to the apron we'll use a lag bolt, or lag screw excuse me, we'll use a lag screw. I've chosen a 5/16, 2 inches long and it'll be a nice solid connection. We'll also be using some assorted screws, I'm going with an inch and a 1/4 screws here, wood screws. We'll also need which is very important 3/4 inch screws. That's because we're going to have to attach the angle iron with these into the apron and of course we're dealing with just 3/4 of an inch thick wood, we don't want our screws to push through. If we wanted to get fancy smancy we could put these inserts into the leg and I'll explain later as we go through that way we'll use a 5/16 bolt. Kind of dresses out a little more, show it to your friends, you'll look a little more professional. That's pretty much it for the hardware.