How to Attach Table Leg Braces

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So that's what we're going to do next is apply these pieces like so. Now this is where it gets into some dexterity, I do it second nature because I've been doing it for 14 years but the beginner it might take a little bit of finagling. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to take our inches 1/4 wood screws and screw these into place that way we have nice tight joint. The first step is I want to take out my screw gun and I'm going to insert this countersink. The countersink is a great tool because it makes a pilot hole as well as the shape that'll except the head of the screw. They're like 5 bucks at the Home Depot. Also when you're dealing with a pine like this, any type of screwing it in without the pilot hole could lead to a crack and then you've busted your piece. So the countersink is a nice little step to finish it off that way you're not getting frustrated with wood cracking and stuff like that and it makes it look a little more professional. So what you want to do is hold your piece in place, grab it like so. Now, with the countersink I'm going to go in, alright now again when I'm talking about the baby steps, that's all I'm going to worry about is that one screw. I know I'm right at my line there and it's lined up. Instead of trying now again to hold both sides in place and do it I can move off here and the drill hole is lining up. So I'm going to start with just one part, get that locked in and then be able just to hold that down. I can adjust once I get one part locked in. It's kind of an important thing when building, that way the whole thing is daunting and if you just break it down into little steps.