How to Measure Table Legs for Building a Table

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Tips on how to measure table legs when building a table in this free carpentry and woodworking video. View Video Transcript

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Now we know the lengths of which we'll cut our apron pieces. The next thing we want to figure out is how long to cut our table legs. A standard table leg length or a height of a table, top of the table is 30 inches. I know it might seem a little low when you're doing it, that always surprises me but if you measure your table top, your kitchen table it's going to be 30 inches. Now that doesn't mean that we cut the table leg to 30 inches, we have to take in consideration the thickness of our actual table top. This is an 1 1/8 material so we have to subtract 30 inches from the thickness of our table top which is an 1 1/8, so we'll be cutting our table leg at 28 7/8 inches.