Self Propelled Vacuum Cleaner Tips

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Hi! This is Travis on behalf of Expert Village. I want to talk to you a little bit about self-propelled vacuums versus non-self propelled vacuums. There has been a lot of advances over the recent years about self-propelled type of vacuums which makes it more convenient for a person who doesn't have the ability to push a heavy machine across a floor of carpet. Because when you actually have an upright machine like this that is turned on and working with the head lowered down and making contact with the carpet, it can create quite a bit of suction power and make it fairly difficult to push across the floor even if you are young and in shape by going from room to room. You know many people have lots of carpet in their house so depending on how much carpet you have in your house, would be a big deciding factor on whether or not you are going to want a self-propelled machine or not. This machine happens to be self-propelled. The way that it is used is the button behind here, has neutral button and a drive button. Many of the machines today have those. You can engage the drive so that it propels itself or you can put in neutral if you feel like you want to work out manually or just for pushing around the house. If you want to move your vacuum around the house, you are going to have it in neutral and when you are vacuuming, thicker carpets, shorter carpets, any type of carpet you are probably going to want to have it in drive and let the machine do the work for you. That's why it is there. I would recommend a self-propelled unit and take advantage of it. That's what it is there for.