How to Attach Table Leg Braces: Part 3

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Now we want to attach the shorter side the same way. Now we have to just kind of move how we're doing it. It was easier when we could work on it flat, that was very easy. Now we have to sit it on its side to do it, so it's a little more difficult to hold in place. Again, I'm just going to do the one, sock it in and then I can make my adjustment later breaking it down into baby steps. Wood glue again. Then I can adjust perfect right along. Switch over again, of course it'll be a lot easier just to switch out once, drill all my holes. That's what I normally do because I do this all the time, but if you're just starting out you want to make sure that you just do one thing perfect, the next thing perfect, the next thing perfect or to the best of your ability. So the extra time it takes to do this switch over is really nothing as oppose to the time it takes to get frustrated, do everything wrong and end up just pissed off at yourself. Now we have our joint, okay that'll except the table leg. Now we have one corner of our table apron ready to put in place. Like so, now we have to do that four more times.