Designing an Adirondack Side Table

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Designing an adirondack side table is made easier with help from designs on the internet. Design an adirondack side table with the adirondack furniture construction tips in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Jon and in this clip we'll be formulating a design. When coming up with a design for your side table, I always like to reference the Internet and just take a look at a few different plans that they have Online. I already have a chair but I want to create a side table that's going to fit well with this chair. I found these free plans, Online, for a side table and the style of this table is going to fit in real nicely with my chair. Fortunately, this website also provided me with a materials list so that I can figure out how much materials I need to buy and what parts I need to make for my project. This particular set of plans, from "The Popular Mechanics" website does have my table and it also has a chair that I can build. A couple nice things about these plans are that they are free and it really breaks down each component of your table, or if you're building the chair, breaks down all the components and presents them real nicely so you can understand them.