How to Clean Bathrooms: Removing Hair

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Hair often gets stuck in shower plugs and bathtub plugs. Remove hair from a shower or bathtub with tips from a housekeeper in this free video on cleaning bathrooms. View Video Transcript

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O.k., Now I want to use a toothbrush because there's going to be a lit of build up where the water drains from the shower. So you want to get down, get right down and scrub inside the area where the water goes down that plug. Now also you're going to find like I have, hair, right, there's always hair stuck in the plug. You do not want to put that down the toilet, it can clog the toilet if there's too much of it. You put it in the trash, you don't let it go down the sink, unless you absolutely can't stop it. But if it's there, collect it and put it in the trash, not down the toilet, alright. But keep scrubbing around because there's always a lot of build up because that is where, you know all your hair products, your shampoos, your conditioners, your soaps, it all sits right here where the water drains. So you're going to get a lot of discoloring around that plug. You know, sometimes you'll sort of orangey, browny marks, if you color your hair for example or you're washing your hair, it'll stick right there where the water goes and drains. So just scrub and your cleanser will probably have some kind of bleach in there as well, so it'll actually help whiten this whole area. So in to the trash the hair goes.