How to Remove a Beehive in a Light Fixture

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If a beehive is in a light fixture, simply use a spray product to soak the hive before knocking it down. Find out how natural dust kits can be used to control bee problems with help from a pest control company in this free video on removing bees from... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Jason with Greenhouse Pest Management, Atlanta's only true natural pest control company. I am one of the wildlife and bee specialist with that company, and today we are going to talk about wasps and bees in your light fixtures. Most of the time you see wasps nest in your light fixtures it is going to be up in here under this cap. Simply take a can of wasps and hornet spray, spray it, knock it down you are done with it. Sometimes what you will get is you will get bees that come in here right behind the fixture. There is going to be little gaps where the wires go. If you are a little more involved with that the best thing to do is take some sort of dust. And what we are going to use for these bees is a natural dust kit from the chrysanthemum flower. It is something that normal homeowners can't buy. You have to have a license to have it, but it works really well. What you are going to do is you are going to find the little gap where the bees are coming and going in your light fixtures, and you are simply going to squirt a couple of grams of dust up in there until you might see the bees coming out covered with white powder. Once you know you have taken care of that problem the best thing to do is simply grab a caulk gun, and where that hole is just go right around it, and caulk up that hole where the bees are coming from. Get it nice and sealed in there, put your light fixture back down, and that should take care of your bee problem. Just remember when you are treating any sort of bee or wasp that they are a social insect, and they will attack you. So if you are allergic to bees you may want to hire a professional to do. But just be very wary when you are around bees and wasps.