How to Use Window Cleaning Spot Remover

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Hello everybody. My name is Tanner Falcon from Danny Tanner's Window Washing on behalf of and right now I want to talk about what I call mud but it's actually water spot remover. This is key because a lot of your windows are going to be next to sprinkler heads and windows that actually have been rained on and hard water spots are the mostly annoying thing to deal with when you are washing your windows. You will see a window that you'll see mostly in egress windows; you'll see that the ones are lower below ground. You'll see that they are almost damaged looking. Well this will take away all your problems right here. You're saying Tanner your crazy; you're getting the windows dirtier than they already are. Well you?re wrong, this acts kind of as a wax. What I want to do is to be able to get this onto a damp cloth. I want to get some mud on it. If you have to take a whole gunk out like that, even if you have to take a chuck of this stuff out. I want to then apply it to the window which I will show you a little bit later on. Then you're also going to need the dry side to buffer it out. So this is key to getting the most annoying spots you'll see in the sunlight and on the egress windows and even the doggie door and I use it on jewelry sometimes. It's very, very, very safe for a lot of different things that you may think it would scratch off paint or anything like that.