How to Schedule Fruit Tree Maintenance

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When scheduling fruit tree maintenance, use the winter time to eliminate dead branches, prune back overgrowth and spray down the tree with oil to kill any bugs. Maintain a fruit tree through the winter for optimum fruit production in the summer with... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to schedule fruit tree maintenance. So we have our beautiful fruit trees and we really don't know what to do with them or how to take care of them and really you could leave them and never take care of them and they still will produce fruit eventually but there are some maintenance requirements that you should take are of so that you have more productive and healthier trees. First of all in the Winter months the best time to remove any dead branches or lengthy branches and trim it out a little bit so that you have maybe five or six main branches and cut down about a one third of all the lengthy branches and then that way it will fill in better when it does bud in the Spring and also if you have worries if you have got all kinds of bugs or ants or any kind of grubs or worms into your tree the Winter time is a great time to spray it down with any type of oil. It can be vegetable oil or olive oil or even dish washing soap if you mix it with water and spray the tree down, just use a pump sprayer or add it to a hose and you spray down the tree and then that way you can kill most of the bugs for the next year and then in the Spring when they do set all their blooms and get ready to produce fruit the best thing that you can do is actually trim out a little bit of the actual flower blooms because if you take some of the blooms out of the tree and even it out about one third you will find the fruit that does develop will be much larger and much sweeter because the tree has more energy directed towards that piece of fruit. So when they do produce the fruit in the Summer then you can just gather all the fruit, take it out of the tree as it is ripe and really enjoy the fruit through the Fall. So in the Summer you really don't do a lot besides just water it really well because you don't ever want your fruit trees to go completely dry because you might lose them in the future and in the Fall again I like to trim out any of the dead branches and any of the real wild branches and try to even it out a little bit more and then that way the next year you can continue to enjoy your fruit tree with little care.