Carpet Restoration Tips

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DAVID GREEN: Hi. My name is David Green with, and we're now ready for the final part of the, as we refer to as, the premium service or restoration service. It's unfortunate you can't see all the benefits here 'cause this carpet is in the right condition but this is--really makes an ideal improvement to carpet when you have a carpet that's just really hammered or hammered or really light carpet, really heavily soiled carpet that really has set-in soils and stains. So we'll show you that last step of this which is--again, with the buffer. The difference, though--just pull it back--is this is what we refer to as a bonnet. It's a moppy-like pad that scrubs, polishes, and absorbs even more out of the carpet. Now, the final step, actually, is after taking the buffer to it, because this mats down the fiber, we want to groom this, lift those fibers back up, which will help 'em look better as they dry, but as well is it will speed up the dry time by lifting these fibers up and separating the fibers.