How to Dig Up Hostas

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OK, it's important to state too, that when you do division of perennials that you do do it on a cool day. You do it on a cloudy day, or when the temperatures have gotten down into the 60's, 70's. We're working in the shade here so that helps minimize the stress on the plant. I'm taking this rounded shovel now and we've done a little trench around the outside of the perennial and now we're going to go to the base of the perennial and try to get underneath of it. And, as you can hear I just hit a little root there, there we go, I got a good cut. And, I'm just gonna slowly pry it up. I'm using the leverage, the back of the shovel against the ground and I'm pushing down and I'm bending my knees. I'm gonna insert it under there a little bit more. Ooh, it's a heavy one, careful not to break your shovel while you're doing it. Good tools are really important. OK, it's coming. You have to get all the way around it, OK, almost there. There we go. Now, what I'm gonna do before I actually pull it out is I'm gonna get down and I'm gonna work my burlap underneath there and I might actually need my other spade to kind of make a little bit more of a cut. OK, it's kinda locked in. It doesn't want to come, the tree's holding on to it. Feisty little one! OK, trying to keep the root system intact, there it goes. Here we go, we're gonna roll right onto the burlap. There we go, we got a nice ball. And, there's that tree that just didn't want to let go of it. It's out of the hole.