How to Maximize Jasmine Growing Conditions

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To maximize jasmine growing conditions, give it lots of hot sun, keep the soil moist and cut out dead branches and flowers on occasion. Protect jasmine plants from cold climates and provide occasional shade to keep the plant from burning with advice from... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen. And in this segment we're going to talk about how to maximize jasmine growing conditions. Now jasmine or jasminum is a beautiful growing vine plant. And it will grow up to ten feet tall. And it has little white flowers all over it that smell just beautiful. Sometimes they're called stephanotis. They're used in weddings and they're used in leis in Hawaii and they're just a beautiful plant that's actually not that hard to grow. To maximize the growing conditions make sure to give it hot sun but not direct sun if you live in a hot climate. And so they want to be warm all the day but sometimes in the hottest part of the day if you have a fence or another tree where they can get just a little bit of break from that heat the blooms will actually last longer. Now they want moist soil, they don't like to dry out at all. Yet they don't want to sit in water. So make sure you never let your jasmine dry out at all, always make sure it has some water but not standing water. And that way it will grow really well. And periodically just cut out some of the dead branches or the dead flowers and just thin it out too. By thinning it out and getting more sun and air into the center of the plant it'll make a lot more new shoots too. And that way over the years you can keep your plant and keep getting blooms for years and years and years. In the fall always trim it back quite a bit. And even if you live in a cold climate, jasmine generally freeze out if you live anywhere where freeze is but even in temperate climates with a little bit; doesn't freeze really hard just by putting it up against the house or protecting it under an eve a bit you can get a jasmine to grow in a really cold climate and it will do really well. And if it's not getting enough sun it'll be reaching and it'll look really lanky. So make sure not to put your jasmine in too much shade either. But yet a patio is always a great choice, they love the reflected heat and the protection that a, that a patio will provide. But there's many things that you can to enhance your jasmine and any of them will work well. Just make sure to give it enough sun and not too much water.