Tips for Digging Up Irises

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The reason why I'm going out from the base of the plant is because I want to get as much root as I can. If I was to go too close, I'd be chopping into my precious root, and I don't want that to happen so I'm going to go out and start working around in a circle around this iris. You have to put your muscle into it. Digging is never really an easy, easy job. We're going to save this plant and leave it where it's at. Okay. Now, once I've done that, I'm going to start to chop away and I’m going to do like little back cut. I'm going to start working around it and getting it a little bit more dug out so I can see a ball that's forming around this plant. You can see a few of the fibrous roots there. When we really get it out, you'll the roots a lot better. Got to get around the back here. Okay, I've got it in a nice round area. It's all dug out.