Mass Propagation of Scallions & Spanish Onions

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Mass propagate scallions and Spanish onions by getting an early start in greenhouses during colder months before transplanting them into an outdoor garden. Transplant onions with a professional permaculture gardener in this free video on mass propagation... View Video Transcript

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The backyard permacultural food grower is always looking for an edge, or a shortcut. Here's one that I found you might be interested in. The grocer where we go often discards scallions because they're limp or wilted. So, I took a few and planted them just to see what would happen. Well, lo and behold, those so called "scallions" grew into huge white Spanish onions which my CSA customers were raving about. So, we tried it again, and again, if you do it early enough in the season, those so called scallions turns out are used by the commercial industry, they're nothing but a variety of Spanish onion that's harvested early to be sold in the commercial market. So what I did this winter, was I took some of those discarded scallions and I dumped them into my ultra fertile beds and gave them a bit of a head start. Now, we're going to truck them outside, separate them one by one, and plant them in the ground. Now remember, it's April 21st, would you rather plant onions of two foot length, or would you rather plant seeds or teenie weenie little starts? So, you can see, with this simple little short cut, I've salvaged some so called garbage and we're going turn it into some beautiful Spanish onions. Give it a try.