How to Deal With a Pigeon Problem

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To deal with a pigeon problem, enclose any open areas, such as rafters or roof spaces, and consider hanging plates or CDs to make lots of noise and flashes of light. Find out how loud noises and distractions will often drive pigeons away with information... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to deal with pigeon problems. Or maybe we should say how to deal with problem pigeons. Either way they are a problem. They like to get in these areas that are open, get up within the rafters around the roof areas or places that are up out of the way and shady. If you can find a way to enclose those spaces, to keep them out of there, problem solved. A little more complicated than said, I know. But that's one way of creating an area where they just can't get there, where they can't come in and roost and fertilize all over the ground. Another way of doing this would be to hand some wind chimes or something that's going to create a distraction, pie plates or something of this nature. That little bit of light occasionally that they catch, the noise they make, that should keep them away. Granted you're going to have some that are bold and they're going to hang in there anyway but you need to create distractions to keep them from wanting to come in there. It's the cool quiet out of the way places where they're going to come. If it's noisy, if there light flashing around or if they can't get there, then obviously your problem is solved. It's unfortunate that there's not a, this is what you do, this works all the time. It's not. You have to try to take these things in to consideration. Can I enclose the area, or do I hang some CDs or some pie plates or some metal or something that's going to make noise, flash light, and create some distraction. And that's about the best advice, is to just create a distraction to keep them from coming.