Hoop House Farming: Managing Air Flow

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Ventilation in a hoop house is very important because plants need fresh air to process nutrients to grow and produce fruits and vegetables. Farm and care for plants correctly and safely with tips from an experienced farmer in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Now that's a lot of air that can pass through there. What I try to do is ventilate this side in the afternoon, when the Western sun misses it. So we don't want the sun to be baking in onto the hoop-house. So I ventilate here in the evening, I ventilate the other side in the morning, and therefore we can get maximum ventilation with minimum baking. My other weapons for this, my other tools I should say for this effort, are these four doors. I have two front doors on both sides of the hoop-house, and by strategic use, opening and closing, and allowing in prevailing breezes as necessary, I can get all the ventilation that I need right through the heat of the summer, without any fan. The fan that you hear is actually an inflation fan, it keeps the hoop-house skin, the two layers of skin, inflated. We do not have a ventilation fan, we have no automatic vents, which are available for hoop-houses. We have to be here vigilant every day, managing the air flow, and keeping the plants in a temporary climate.