How to Trim the Shrubs around your Home

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Hello, my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing You know every time that you work on your yard you have to trim the shrubs, it's very important that we do that. Of course we're going to need our clippers and yes you guessed right, my famous Ivory soap formula, it's going to come in real handy. Now, I happen to have 3 different types of shrubs here. Well I wouldn't say types, sizes that we're going to deal with. Now this particular one here in the center is a baby one so I don't have to do much with it, all I have to do is just check to see if there's any yellow leaves that needs to be removed. Now, when it comes to this one over here, as you can see it's overgrown. I'm going to trim it on the front, the sides, the top and the back. On this particular one I got to space it from the house, there's a wall and the foundation. Give it least 12 inches of separation, we want to keep the wall safe at all times. While you're there trimming, you got to check for any dead branches that needs to be removed, any yellow leaves that we need to remove as well. Let's jump to this one over here, this one is going to be some good work. This is what I'm talking about, I can already see those little spider webs everywhere, that's where the Ivory soap is going to come in handy. Now, let's tackle this project and we'll be done with it before we know it. Now, this one right here is a baby one, all I need to do, all I see is one little yellow leaf, there we go we're done with that. This one right here is definitely a challenge, because what we're going to do is we're going to start trimming on the side right here that works towards the front. We'll just trim everything. On the back I happen to be real lucky cause its got plenty of space. Just trim one here, there we go that should take care of it and here on the top. You know, shape it either square box, some people like it round, you just kind of determine what works for you. Any yellow leaves, there we go just remove them, good, trim here on the side, there we go good separation, all the yellow leaves. Now, that should be done for a minute, I will check it later on if we need to do anymore work to it, but this one right here, this is really what the work is going to be. Look at this, wow, you see those spider webs? We got to eliminate that, let's get rid of them and just trim all the sides, on the bottom. Man, this one has a lot of yellow leaves that need to be removed, so just kind of trim it. The only thing I want it to be round so I'm just going to cut it round and of course don't forget Ivory soap just spray it everywhere. Well now I need to do the rest of them to finish the project and this is how we trim our shrubs.