Handling Poor Germination When Growing Greens

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When seeds don't germinate robustly, apply a heat source to the seed trays and tend carefully. Learn to use hoop houses and handle poor germination from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Okay, now lets talk about what to do if your seed don't come up or equally as common, if too many seed come up. Common problem, people get over enthusiastic, they plant too many seed. And, also another common problem, people get either over anxious or nervous and they think their seed is dead and hasn't come up, is not going to germinate. Well often times, especially in the cool nights of early spring if your seed is out here, the germination will be slightly retarded so you need to give it a little more time. If in doubt you can apply some heat to the bottoms of the pots, but in general these cold hearty crops will germinate just fine in March even in New England. So let's talk about too many. Here we see a pot of arugula. A little frost damage, but there's still plenty of living arugula in there. I'm an ex-arugula hater, now converted. The way to learn to like arugula is to eat it in the winter. It's much tastier, sweet and delicious and not so peppery. So here we have maybe a hundred or more plants. We don't want to waste them, there's not enough space in there for them all to develop, so you can see this is practically root bound. We can easily sub-divide the clumps, and take this and turn it into one clump.