How to Save End of Season Tomatoes

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Okay one of the problems with tomatoes is that it is a warm season plant. In Northern climates, you are going to get to the end of the season before you get to the end of your tomatoes. So this is an issue for many many people; anybody north of Maryland pretty much. So one of the easiest things you can do if you have the space to hang them, is to come in and pull the whole plant up. Just pull the whole plant out of the ground. Shake off the dirt and there you've got your entire tomato plant. Now if there are any branches that have nothing on them, such as this one. This one I would just snap right off or cut it off if I needed to. Take that out because it is not going to help you any. It's got nothing left to give you and then hang this up again in a dry airy space and these tomatoes will ripen. They will continue to ripen for several weeks. Try not to get rid of the dead leaves, get rid of anything that is going to zap energy out of the tomato. And just let them hang in your attic, your garage if it is dry enough and even in your cellar if it is not damp. You will have another several weeks worth of tomatoes.