How to Buy a Leaf Blower

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When buying a leaf blower, purchase the appropriately sized blower for the yard. Buy a leaf blower with tips from a landscaper in this free video on gardening and lawn care. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. I want to talk about buying a leaf blower. There's three different types of leaf blowers. There's the backpack blower, such as this one, there's a hand held gas model, like this, or an electric hand held model. Backpack blower fits over your back, like such, got your handle, your throttle controls are right here besides you, and your off switch when you need it. Ideally what you would want to do, is start it before you put it on. It has a lot more horse power, a lot more wind power coming out of this tunnel of this shoot, than these other two models. This is great for a large property, for a lot of leaves, for a lot of debris that needs to be moved. This is a lot less fatiguing to use this, it's not very heavy, it's light weight as far as that's concerned. And it's good especially from a commercial stand point, but it's also good around the house. Again, you can move a lot more material easily with this backpack blower. The hand held model is good for smaller areas, like patios, decks, small sidewalks or driveways. A lot more hand action involved, but it gets the job done. The throttle control is up here, you're on and off switch on the side. It's very good for, as I said, smaller projects. The electric hand held is even better for people because it's lighter. The big draw back however, is the electrical cord plugs in here, and you drag it with you wherever you go, and can try to keep it out of your way. It's also good around the house, for cleaning out the garage, driveways, and smaller jobs. Three different size of blowers. One important thing to remember when running a blower, or any equipment for that matter, are earplugs. A set like these will do you just fine, as they plug directly into the ears, like so. An even better kind are these earmuffs. Definitely want to protect your hearing, because there's a lot more better things to hear than the roar of these blowers. Again, two hand held models, an electric, a gas, and a gas backpack. Depending on what you want them for, the larger jobs, the backpack, the smaller, the hand held.