Picking Japanese Boxwoods

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The first step in picking plants is identifying healthy plants. Learn how to pick Japanese boxwood for your garden in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Japanese Boxwood typically comes in three different sizes of containers, one gallon, five gallon or fifteen gallon. A one gallon container will be a less mature plant, a smaller plant and is perfect for creating the partier. The partier traditionally is a small diminutive hedge that accents a flowerbed or pathway and it can also be planted into geometric shapes which accent certain types of landscaping styles. Five gallon container may be a great choice if you want to grow a larger hedge or perhaps a larger size mound. The fifteen gallon container will have a three or four foot plant, and this plant will be great to form a hedge that is larger in size and ready made in a large size. Boxwood's are great for topiaries. And by selecting the right plant, you can greatly help yourself to create the shape that you want. Any shape you want: a mound, a globe, a pyramid, a diamond shape, or if you have in mind, "I want to make a topiary", you can choose a plant that's already starting to grow into the shape that you want it to be, for example, if you wanted to create a little rabbit, you could try to find one that has the basic structure underlying it that will help you to form this shape. So, take a look at the branches of the plant. Take a look at how the plant is branching out and then you can choose one that will help you to achieve your goal. Take into consideration all these factors when choosing your Boxwood. Find the right Boxwood to suit your needs.