Planting Spring Gardens: Propagating Garlic Bulbs

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Plant garlic bulbs for a spring garden right before the first freeze. Add garlic to a garden with the tips in this free video on gardening and farming from a professional organic gardener. View Video Transcript

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Here's a trick that I use to propagate lots and lots of garlic. Come November, when we're concerned, perhaps we haven't planted enough, and the ground is rapidly freezing up, I take whole bulbs and just drop them into the ground, maybe days before it's frozen. In the spring, you can see that these whole bulbs germinate, they sprout into very robust clusters of beautiful garlic, just raring to go. Now most people don't do it this way, most people plant their garlic cloves individually in the fall. But by propagating them in mass, like this. What I've done is, I've put on ice quite an inventory of plant-able garlic starks, which come spring, might just be very valuable. You can see they come apart very easily, they're robust, and ready to hit the ground running.