How to Reduce Shock When Transplanting Hostas

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This is hosta albomarginata and it's a wonderful shade plant. And we're going to reduce the shock of transplanting this plant by watering it with a real slow trickle watering system here. We're going to make it flow just real slow, we're going to put it down into the base of the plant and we're going to allow that to soak the plant thoroughly. The reason we do this is so that the root system can absorb as much water as possible and when we actually go to uproot the plant this should minimize shock to the plant. You should soak your plant probably for a half an hour at the least. The best procedure is to soak your perennial, soak the hosta for at least a half an hour so that it's thoroughly drenched. You want to make sure that the root system has time to absorb as much water as possible, this will help reduce transplant shock when you go and actually uproot the plant.