How to Build a Rat Zapper

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How to Build a Rat Zapper - Provided by eHow
Building a rat zapper can be costly and dangerous because of sparks and short circuits that could cause house fires. Purchase a rat zapper on the Internet or at garden stores with tips from the owner of a pest control business in this free video on home... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Jim Harman, California Pest Management here to talk to you about how to build a Rat Zapper. Believe it or not I was involved in some of the initial testing twenty years ago on the very first Rat Zapper product that was ever put together by a gentleman out in Virginia. The product works great if you want to catch one rat at a time and you want to use something other than a snap trap, but buy it. It's electronic, you're dealing with high voltages. It's better to buy something like that instead of trying to put it together with solder and you have a chance of causing a spark and a short circuit which could start a house fire. You can buy any of these Rat Zappers under a variety of trade names. Any home and garden store or there's the Rat Zapper 2000 on the internet. Most of the internet sites will have it that deal with pest control. So, best thing to do is spend the $40 and go ahead and purchase one. Good luck.