Strategy Tips for Buying Trasferware

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Some strategies for buying we've talked a little bit about resource books and there important if you get a chance to go to a museum and look at these pieces or walk into some shops. My recommendation would be to look at some of this types of transferware and try to narrow it down in an area and then also you know start off slow. There's no reason why you have to start off buying a $500 piece if you start off slow and get your feet wet and feel comfortable of what your buying, you might want to start with just buying something simple. Like plates if you start out with a very small plate or a dinner plate and try to buy the best plate you can, work your way through you just may want to collect plates you may not want to collect cups and saucers, teapots, creams, and sugars. But these a lot of these come with dinnerware sets there is a lot of different combinations of things you can buy within the mulberry group. You can buy taring and creams and sugars and you can buy the coffee pot, the cups and saucers, plates, the berry bowls so there are a lot of things you can choose from. You can buy cup plates so I would just say start off slow and buy something that isn't necessarily the most expensive piece in that category but to gain your confidence I would start off slowly, and gradually invest in different shapes and forms. You don't have to buy the most expensive piece right away so the safe way to start is to start out by examining what colors you want to go or trying to get the best piece that you can buy and afford that would be my recommendation.