How to Add the Final Touches to the Table Runner

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Hi I'm Terri Turco with expert village. And we just made the no sew table runner and as you can see it turned out perfectly just like yours will. It's really simple really easy and I think we made it in about ten minutes but I just want to give you a couple side notes just to kinda spur your creativity about other things you can do with your table runner just to jazz it up. Now one thing that you can do that is super easy is you can add a tassel. Just take tassels add them onto the end, cut them off and just hand sew them onto the edges it really gives it a nice look like I did on this table runner. So you can do tassels you can even do decorative buttons that's another thing you can do. I've got numbers of different buttons here that you could just add to give it a very kind of stately look you could do different kinds of buttons, antique buttons whatever or you can do any type of ribbon or braiding. Now you can use this kind of ribbon and you can use your fabric and your stitch witchery to fuse it together and I'm not lovin the brown but you could use a different type of tape with that or you could do some cording this cording really looks great and the way that I would attach that is that they have fabric glue at the fabric stores and you do dots of fabric glue or even a glue gun but just be careful to not burn yourself because that glue gun has a mind of its own sometimes. So just remember when you're making this really great no sew table runner it's gonna be so simple that you have some extra time to jazz it up so feel free to use buttons or tassels even some marabou or feathers whatever you like you can get them in any fabric stores or craft stores or even glue on beading, beading is really fun and festive it looks great for the holidays and when all else fails if you don't want to use it as a table runner you can always tie it around your chair as a bow and it looks even better. So a table runner, a bow whatever you want to use it for your tables are gonna look so much more dressed up when you've got a table runner made with the no sew method just remember stitch witchery is only a steam away. Thank you far watching and I really hope you make this great table runner because you will use it again and again.