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And moving on to the brown transfer this teapot holds only $100 value it tops only because of the restoration it's still poor on it so I would say buyer be aware when your going to buy a teapot like this. Brown transfer is very desirable but the conditions makes a huge difference a $100 is not a great value for a teapot this age because of the way they restored it it's not very good. The pitchers little pitchers come in a variety of sizes and this one is in fairly good condition it doesn't have a lot of issues it has a little tiny chip on the back of the handle. Which is not to bad the spout isn't very good shape, this is where you find most of the damage and this one ranges about $85. Now the teapots like I said in very good condition this is a very large teapot in the $350 range and the same with this teapot here even though it has small amounts of restoration it's still values in the $300 range. This handless cup historical is really pretty with the blue edging and the cottage scene really detailed very early piece of transfer. It has a little bit of a line like we call crows feed in it but this is $125-$150 cup and saucer, the condition that it's in. So that gives you a little range in the prices that you can expect to pay for transferware.