Storing Blueberries

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It's important not to wash blueberries if you plan on storing them for a long period of time. Learn a few helpful suggestions for storing blueberries from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright, now we're in the house here and we want to do something with the blueberries. We've planted the bush, we've taken care of the bush and the plant and now we've picked some blueberries. They're beautiful looking and the thing about blueberries is that you don't want to wash these blueberries. They'll be pretty hard to store if they're soaking wet. My favorite way, these blueberries will not last very long in the refrigerator so my, the way that I have found, the best way for storing my blueberries is I make blueberry leather. And here is some of that leather right here. I'll put that on a plate. This blueberry leather is very good. It tastes just like the blueberry but it's been dehydrated. It's been put through this little machine here. We put the blueberries in the top here and we crank it around and the goop of the blueberries, the juicy part of the blueberries, will go down into this reservoir right here. The skins will come out this end right here. And what we're going to do, after that, we would put it in our dehydrator on the special sheets and we would dehydrate it down to where it gets to be like this leather. At this point here, it's very stable. We stick it in our jars right here because we like to put things in glass, and my preference is, is that since I have room, I store this in my refrigerator to keep it very very fresh. But at this point this could be stored on the shelf if you have a nice cool area where it can be kept. And basically, that's how we store the blueberries.