Thinning a Blueberry Bush

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Thinning a blueberry bush is a necessary step for increasing the longevity of the plant. Find out more about thinning your blueberry bush from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright, let's talk about the thinning of the blueberry bush. Now here we have a blueberry bush that's about a year old and it's nowhere nearing the to be thinned, at all. So, what I would like you to see is how young it is, how vibrant it is. It's getting ready to throw up, out the leaves and it won't be long, there'll be a blossom or two on this little plant. But when this plant gets to be seven or eight years old, it'll be four of five feet tall and this piece of wood right here will be a lot bigger. Then we go over here to another plant here and show you a more, the more mature plant, which we just planted but it's about five years old and you can see how the wood is getting thicker. And what we want to do is, when this bush gets to be about nine years old, this piece of wood right here, will not be all smooth like it is right now. The bark will actually be flaking off and rough looking, and anytime you get to where the bark is looking like that and it's real heavy compared to the little shoots that'll be coming out, you want to chop that big, that big mature branch of the blueberry bush out because it's, you've gotten all the blueberries you're going to get from it. It's just going to drain the plant, and what you want is the young shoots coming out that's going to have the fresh blueberries on it each year. So you would just take your loppers and lop that out and that way the young shoots will be able to get bigger and you'll have more blueberries on the smaller shoots than you'll ever have on a big blueberry branch.