Where to Buy Transferware

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Where to buy take to consideration on where to buy your transferware I would say if you have local antique shops it's great to look in those shops because you can pick these things up and handle them. Ask questions and there's somebody right there to answer your questions so starting in small shops that carry this transferware is great, go to shows and your local area that carry antique shows. Those are another source for you to go and handle and talk to the people who are selling these items. It can be very informative it can also help you make your choices as far how to narrow down your collection. Other than that there are places like Brunsfield shows that Atlantic City on the east coast and theres many shows on the west coast that you can go to. And you can also look on the internet, Ebay is a great source to look and see what type of brown transferware there are out there or what types of mulberry ware is out there for you to buy. So there are places that you can access to so that will get you off and running as far as collecting and you can start in any of those places.