Tips for Displaying Transferware Sets

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Collecting and displaying your pieces can be done in so many different ways if your like me I enjoy collecting teapots so I have a small collection of teapots that I keep together on 3 tier shelf above a side board. Which I find is really attractive it's not very subjective though and I combine it with a number of different items on that shelf but I just like to display my teapots that way. But if your collecting a whole collection of dinnerware you might want to display your teapots along with your cup and saucers and your creamers together. Then maybe your dinnerware in the back so that is one way of displaying your grouping together. Some people like to group together the small teapot in a cup on a candle stand that's another way to display but there different ways of displaying your collection. We all will do it on our own way depending on the amount of space you have if you have some really early cupboards it's nice to display them on the cupboard. Mixing different colors together and whatever which ever way you prefer is completely up to you because combining anyone of these pieces together is going to make a nice showcase.