What Is the Tallest Tree in the World?

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The tallest tree in the world that is alive is a redwood tree that is 379 feet tall. There are also several tall eucalyptus trees in Australia. Find out more about tall trees in the world with information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about what is the tallest tree in the world. Now there's a lot of dispute on this question and everyday there are new trees that are found that are even taller. But so far the tallest tree on record that's ever been recorded was a Eucalyptus in Australia. So in 1872, a Eucalyptus Regnans was reported to be four hundred and thirty-six feet tall and it was reported by William Ferguson near the Watts River in Victoria in Australia. So he had cut it down and measured it so he knew it was that tall. But that is what he reported. So yet there is some dispute as to that possibly not being accurate. So right now on record the tallest tree in the world that's alive today is a redwood tree called Hyperion and it's three hundred and seventy-nine feet tall. And it was taller than the last reported redwood which was the Stratosphere Giant which was three hundred and seventy feet tall. And this was just found in fall of 2008 using laser technology, they're finding all these tall tress in the Redwoods that are breaking all records. So even by the time the video comes out, there's going to be another one on record, I'm sure. Now the second tallest tree right now on record is a Eucalyptus tree in Tasmania and they're calling it Centurion. And it's four hundred years old and one hundred and one meters tall. So it's just a little bit shorter than the redwoods on record. So there's large trees all over the world. And right now it looks like the redwoods have the record. It's the Sequoias in the Northern California Mountains that are the tallest trees in the world. Next to that there's some trees in Tasmania. Some Eucalyptus trees that are getting really tall that they're doing all types of laser research and realizing that they're almost as tall as the Sequoias. But anyway that you measure them there's lots of big trees in the world.